Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Give permission to post to my youtube email so i dont have to keep swithcing.

and im ACTUALLY going to sleep now, will wash hair in morning, itchy head atm, gonna go get some talcum powder then try to drop off.

Had an epic dream last night, wouldnt mind another..   Epic adventures yeah..

Sometimes i actually get in the mood to write, and i get really epic ideas but i dont know how to express and share the story, im trying to learn how to use the concept of wow machinima in that way, but at the moment, i might start writing fan fiction.

Ive wrote harry potter fanfiction..  I wonder if there are actually Warcraft Novels, i wouldnt mind writing some fanfiction.

Problem is sometimes fanfiction get a bit too cheesy and turns from imaginative to NERDY D:

well ciao people, posts quite a bit longer than i wanted, but its to get the message out, i dont like leaving any stones underturned :)

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