Thursday, 23 September 2010

Not sure what to do, Delete WoW as the extra space would come in handy with some projects.. like minecraft videos etc..

Ill decide when i get a business name.
I really need to get an external harddrive when i get some cash AND i need the skate 3 dlc asap.

When i get a business name, ill either keep playing wow until it forces me to patch, or uninstall now and do a playthrough on youtube of Minecraft etc.

also, Ima be making Skate 3 videos as you can now upload directly to youtube.

Reason i need like a Universal name for it.

Also with extra space from deleting wow i can get photoshop back :D

Ive tidyed up my desktop so it looks more professional, just need the software to make the games now.

First i need the cash to get the Skate 3 DLC.
and secondly, a name for the business..

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