Sunday, 10 October 2010

Jesus hell i love caffiene, ive done already..

Got hecka Caffiene Rush.

My concoction:
4 Teaspoons of Galaxy Hot Chocolate Powder
2 Full Sachets of Nescafe Ground Black Coffee
1 Teaspoon of General Asda Own-Brand Coffee
and 2 Teaspoons of Sugar  (to help the medicine go down(if you dont get this, its a quote from Mary Popins))

Pfft,   well, i need to get a sheet from sir tommorow, but yeah ive done everything.
2 complete sections  <:)

Now to relax, make myself look busy infront of the parents and do fuck all ;D

I may not post again tonight, so ciao guys..
And if your new to following, i do use blogger quite a lot like twitter, but its all relevent, and atleast i dont let any stone go unturned and keep you all updated :)

If your following, prepare for something you can always read when bored, thanks.

- Inscr1pted

(EDIT:  Watching Merlin on iPlayer, success)

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