Sunday, 31 October 2010

MapleStory Motivation

I feel like i have a real motivation to strive to get my levels higher and higher on maplestory, i wish to be the SilentCore of Maplestory, making tutorials, guides.

Maybe like sosolid2kk, max hits videos etc.

And comedy, like tehnoobshow

Just bring concepts from RS machinima to maplestory, i think i can offer originality and variety, its just getting the levels to be able to do it.

I dont like how Maplestory randomly decides not to work for me, but tommorow, ill get the cable for my big pc, so i can just go on that if it comes to it.

All you see on youtube of Maplestory is Music videos, well i wish to offer variety and tackle all types of video making, so i can practice my editing and always have something to do, when i feel up to it, ill make a machinima, a comedy or a music video.

When i dont care much, but i need some content up, ill make a boss solo video, a max hitting or just pure showing off, by slaughtering loads of noob creatures or something..

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