Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sort of just handed in my resignation.
If anyone here is going to try to troll me, or if your from ShatteredLands,   i pity you.
Get a life please, and please fuck off, move on, and shatt,  your vps was as good, youve let Daenks wreck the server..    so pathetic..  so so pathetic..


  1. Um.

    OK well i have no idea what i did to you.

    Or how i "threatened" or "trolled" you.

    But if you want to work it out, i'm open to it.

  2. Well for one you posted on my blog several times anonymously, you get shatt to take my admin, you call me a pathetic 'emo' and that i should get a life for using a username and not my real name.

  3. lololol wrong person, ur pathetic. i can pretend to be daenks if thats what gets you off.