Monday, 11 October 2010

Well that was awesome..
btw getting my gaming set up sorted for christmas.

HD tv with wall mount
PS3 Turtlebeach

if i dont have it before christmas,  Black Ops

Ill probably trade in RDR and some other games..
And try and borrow some cash from the parents

Well im off tonight,  havent really posted much, and ive tryed to forum whore, dont really know where..
Oh well..
Gained a few more followers, thanks guys.

Cya tommorow, btw if i sleep in late again i wont be posting until im back

And shit, citizenship due in tommorow, and i havent done it all =/

i got a good excuse though (Y) and i know for a fact my mate hasnt done it so sorted.

Ciao then..   byee

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