Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I was planning to be playing on my illness so i could set up Cinegamers, but we are still without a site, and im still sitting here, bored shitless.

Ive lost my steam account, but i knew i would, the kid said i could have the password back, but his moms took his computer off him, so im stuck without a steam account.

I really hope i get a bit of cash for christmas, i want to get RAM for my computer.
Thats my first priority now, getting RAM on my big computer.

Its just lieing there useless, and i want to start playing WoW again, and maybe TF2 aswell, i just dont have enough ram, AND THE WORST THING IS, i dont know what type to get D:

Im trying to make some cash via paypal so i can buy Half Life 1 and CS1.6

There both brilliant games, and all i can handle on this 1gb ram computer.

But yeah, im going to go check out my runescape account and see how well the bot worked, man im bored.

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