Saturday, 20 November 2010

Cinegamers is growing, and Black Ops funds are needed

Watching Doctor Who, Listening to Music, and i may write another guide if i get some ideas, ive had a temptation to publically release it for free.

But i need cash, im also selling my habbo account.

When i get the cash for black ops
which will be like £20-25 more.

I will release all my guides for free to you.

Ive just reposted the account and the guides.

I just need ideas on what i can do to make cash, im so bored at the moment.

And ive hit gold, i earlier today, came across the youtube account where all black ops theatre mode renders are uploaded too.

They upload over 1000 videos a hour, so im just going through them and finding the pro clips and uploading them to Cinegamers.

They arent getting noticed, even the amazing 360 noscopes etc, due to the overloading of the videos, no videos get over 10 views, so im here to change that.

I thought i should tell you this as i need to start posting more.

Cinegamers is starting to grow, and i need to make some cash via HF, for Black Ops and domain for Cinegamers.

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