Monday, 29 November 2010


Concentrating a lot on my graphics work atm.
Made like 10 signatures last night and this morning.

Having fun at the moment with the basic signatures.
I just want to master and learn one new thing every day.

I dont think im ready to start charging as there not good enough.

I was thinking of getting 'PixelEdit' on youtube, but it is similar to 'VisualEdits'.
Plus we arent big video editers, me and voodoo.
So thats a section i can practice too.

It all falls into Graphics i guess.
I dont know when i want to start making money from it.

And ive registered on deviantart, and im not even sure i want to use it.
I want to set up a small portfolio, which i might do on this blog.

Anyways gotta fly, ciao guys.

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