Monday, 1 November 2010

My night

Spent the entire night hosting sniper lobbies and having 1v1's,

Amazingly ive really played amazing tonight, been invited into two clans, after being kicked out of AuTo, and just been complimented non-stop, certainly boosts my morale.

Also been checking out the turtlebeach im getting for christmas, the PX21,
looks awesome and i cant wait.

I probably wont be able to but i hope to go up town after my exams next week, trade in rdr, gta iv, lbp, i may get enough for blackops?

I dont think im goign to trade in mw2 or cod4 though.
I really want to get blackops, but i dont know what i can do to make the cash, looks like i may have to wait until christmas, oh gosh

Just watching Halloween 5, the cars exploded but MIKES SURVIVED, AGAIN, fuck sake..
Well half hour left, i wonder what happens, i hope jamie doesnt die, funny how im watching this right now, and he could just stab her now..

and Tina jumps in the way, and she gets stabbed..

Shit, loomus is like a pedo, jumping outta trees and shit..
Why will they not catch myers, its sort of getting on my nerves now, and its pathetic how he just survives, the director should be stabbed..

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