Thursday, 25 November 2010

Rethinking my Career Path

So i released all my feelings out on HF, and releaved myself instead of keeping it all cooped in.

Redeciding my career path ambition, and what seems to be the best choice for the future.

I wanted to be a games developer but i cant be bothered to learn a programming language, most people started programming when they were 12, and im 15 and i know nothing.

WMM suggested a Security Technician, so working for corporations looking after security online, showing people how to prevent getting hacked and gaining virus's.

I was told to study how antivirus's work.

Which i will certainly do.

I like the sound of that, it could also just be good information if i want to be a general IT technician too, as im guessing Security is a big part of that also.

My minds a bit more made up, and i want to knuckle down at school, i just dont want to look like a nerd, and its very hard to do that.

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