Friday, 10 December 2010

66 Attack

Got 66 Attack.
Been having some trouble.
I got a cockatrices task and did that easy.
But im having mass problems with my new task, desert lizards.
Took forever to find them and then forgot ice, so i had to go back to varrock and then walk to taverely.
Im now back and my swiftkit just started.

Spent the night talking to people in Elvis's clanchat.

I want to get to 67 if not 68 attack tommmorow.

I found out the whip doesnt train str.
So im going to use the dds to train str.

I forget where i was training before i did slayer.
I may do cockroaches, or do spiders.
Or maybe earth warriors, only problem there is revs.

But they are fast training, so i might go there.

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