Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Well its bedtime for me.
Ive achieved my goals.
I also need to concentrate more in school.
But we arent really learning much due to the festive season.
And the term is coming to its climax.

Thats why i want to get this term over and done with, then when christmas comes, i get my new computer and i can learn a profession.

Video Editing and Graphic Design.
Ive been showing some interest in a computer that my mom referred to me, the dude who owns it spoke to her and mentioned 'its no good for video editing'

But the ram is 1.5gb, which is low but enough for me.
The bloke probably knows nothing about computers, but i cant jump to conclusions there may be another reason.

Ill see if i can drop on a bargain of one with 2GB+ for around £100

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