Thursday, 9 December 2010

Werewolves and Mindjolts

Decided to do another slayer task,
Unluckily i got werewolves.
Its taking longer than i expected.

But im not 31 slayer.
Started earlier at 20.

Im also like down to 20k till 66.
So saved some time for yesterday.

I may get to 68 tommorow.
Then i can deffinetly get 70 by sunday.

And then ill trade defence with the whip.
Because you cant gain str i dont think, if you can ill train str.

And once i have
70 - 70 - 70

I want to get all my skills atleast over 20 or 30.
I want to get everything showing on the hiscores.

Before that i may get my mage and range to 70 also.
My mage is 65 anyways

My range is 61.

And when i have some spare time when im bored and not skilling or grinding.
Im going to do some quests :D

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