Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The first thing i came to realise..

First thing i came to realise when visiting Alterac Valley for the first time, was the sheer amount of people you fight alongside, then i looked up the map and realised, how god damn big that place is, it amazed me yet it excited me, a lot of places to hide, and the first place i headed towards was one of the towers, doing my job with gaurding them from the Horde, instead of just running in and taking people down swiftly like in Warsong Gulch.

My hunter is the first character ive ever began to endure the brilliance of Player vs Player.
Yet the only Battleground i'd ever entered was Warsong Gulch until now.

I wont bring much PvP content for a while due to the ding till 50, maybe at 59 or 54, if i feel like im strong enough, look forward towards more content, as i seem to succeed well in PvP, but after all, i am an official Huntard.

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