Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I return to Runescape.

What a welcome back.
I decide to return to Runescape, i get 10M worth of items as a welcome present.

D Chain, Whip, 2 Obsidian Capes, D Legs, D Boots, Tzhaar Shield, 2m cash.
etc.  ;D

Might rename from 'Even Numbers' to 'Moarcast' though ;/
I wanted 'Moar' but some dudes already took it, ive actually contacted him, but its gonna take 27 days for him to change his name again, i have to pay 5m to have it    x]

I think ill do that, i mean i really want it.

I just need a temp name.


  1. Ah runescape, the memories as a non member and the joy of upgrading

  2. I agree with both, fortunately i am a master of multitasking, so i am managing to do slayer tasks on Runescape while doing a dungeon on WoW (:

    Yeah, i got about 10m's worth of stuff for my welcome back gift, aswell as someone getting me members, its all good.

    I agree with the amazing feeling you get when you are finally upgrading from F2P to P2P, it isnt so great this time around, but the welcome gift had already exceeded the happiness i could possibly give out, i play WoW so, members isnt as special as it was when i was 12 and had been f2p for like 1-2 years (:

    Members is still a must have for any Runescaper with above average IQ and needs something atleast worth their time to put into.